Get to Know Saucey

Tioana Monee' has always been passionate about self-care and wellness. Tioana's journey started in makeup in 2010 watching YouTube videos and practicing on family and friends. In 2011 became working for numerous professional makeup companies such as MAC, Benefit, Estee Lauder just to name a few. Tioana has worked as a Regional makeup artist for fashion shows, pagents, music videos, photoshoots and movies. She also has been a licensed esthetician since 2014 training at Paul Mitchell. During her time in the professional beauty industry she has traveled throughout the midwest, and world as a Makeup artist and esthetician.

While in the beauty industry, she began her own self-care journey, focusing on physical activity, nutrition, as well as spending time in nature.  In 2018 she left her career with Benefit Cosmetics where she was a lead Esthetician, and brow bar manager. 

After leaving her career,  to create her own wellness brand, Saucey Selfcare LLC, which she opened her selfcare solitude suite 2019.  Saucey selfcare LLC offers wellness products like body balms and soaps, provides aesthetic services and cosmetic classes. We also  organize wellness activities like biking and hiking and self care retreats.

Saucey Selfcare is like a big umbrella of wellness events and education.

“Taking care of yourself should be something that's fun and you enjoy,” said Tioana. “And it doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter, it can be whatever you want it to be. I'm very excited to be able to offer as much as I offer to my clients and be able to educate. That’s what makes my brand different.”